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Olga Smirnova & Semyon Chudin in ‘Grand pas Classique’.

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Hey! I love your blog and I want mine to be popular- like yours, so I was wondering if you could give me a shout out? I only have 1 follower (which is you c: thnx) so id really appreciate it!

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Thanks and sure! :)


Chloe is me. I am Chloe.

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things that are hella annoying




  1. leotards that don’t fit
  2. holes in tights
  3. runs in tights
  4. tiGHTS
  5. ribbons that decide to come undone when you’re in the middle of a combination fuCK YOU 

6. doing things perfectly when no one is looking but as soon as someone looks at you, you mess up the combination 

7. doing good triples while marking and falling out of doubles while doing the combination for real

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SINGLE SWAN LADIES: Ahh, Swan Lake. The gift that gives on giving. First we .gif-fed it. Now we’re setting it to that most immortal and classic of songs, Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

It is our Valentine’s Day gift to our fellow single (and fabulous!) followers. And to everyone who’s taken - we hope your significant other has as nice an ass as Roberto Bolle. Go tap that.

Direct download available on our Sessions blog.


er mah gawd lmao

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